Creatine is a natural substance that is contained in muscles and is invaluable for movement and energy metabolism.


It can be obtained from meat and fish, but in order to saturate the body with a daily dose, you need to eat a few kilograms of these products. It is impossible to do this, so it is better to give preference to a special food supplement. This kind of specialized food is created for athletes, but sometimes it is used by those who are not connected with sports.

Since the advent of creatine, there has been a continuing debate about its benefits and harm. We will try to clarify this issue.


The main property of creatine is the improvement of short-term strength indicators. The substance supplies the body with additional energy and increases stamina. It is necessary for athletes, as it allows you to quickly build muscle mass and strength.

No less important is creatine for vegetarians. These people do not at all consume meat, which is the main source of energy. In this case, health in many respects depends on additional food additives.

Creatine can be an excellent assistant for those who want to be in good physical shape, increase their intellectual activity and vitality.

Creatine supplements can block the results of age-related changes in the elderly, causing a decrease in strength and chronic fatigue.

The specific effect of the food supplement on the body will depend on the individual characteristics of the person.

Here are the main useful properties of creatine:

  • Significant increase in stamina and strength of muscles during intensive training.
  • Rapid increase in muscle mass, subject to proper nutrition and regular training.
  • Increase in the relief and roundness of the muscles.
  • Improve the restorative capacity of muscles.
  • Optimizing the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Prevention of muscular system atrophy.
  • Protection of the central nervous system with a lack of oxygen.


Repeated studies of scientists have proved that creatine is a completely safe additive, and its harm can manifest itself only in side effects. The emergence of these is due to improper use of the drug or contraindications, which need to be paid attention in advance.

The harm of a substance can manifest itself in the following:

  • Dehydration of the body (easily prevented by consuming a sufficient amount of liquid).
  • Appearance of acne (can occur only up to 23 years).
  • Disorders in the digestive system (to solve the problem, you should try to take the supplement in liquid form or in the form of capsules).
  • Fluid retention, manifested in the increase in body weight (the removal of excess water occurs after the reception is completed).

To get the most benefit from creatine, you should carefully observe all the conditions of the intake and do not risk using it in the presence of contraindications. You only need to buy an additive from proven manufacturers and specialized stores.


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