Often you can hear the phrase that sloth is the engine of progress.


Indeed, every day we use kitchen appliances, we do not cook everything by hand, we go by different types of transport, but do not walk, we do cleaning with various cleaning products and appliances, and not manually, as our grandmothers did – all the benefits of civilization In action. And all this became possible due to the fact that someone once was too lazy to waste time and effort to accomplish tasks.

The reasons for laziness are great, and everyone can find an excuse for it.

Why lose weight if sooner or later the weight returns? We forget that a diet is, in fact, a signal to the body – there is no food, we need to make reserves. In the end, with a return to the usual menu, the body begins to feverishly store, store, store. And if the diligent hostess reserves for the winter stored in the pantry, then the post-diet – on the stomach and hips.

Why exhaust yourself with training, if there is no immediate result in sport? The main problem is that we want to lose weight, but not lose weight. But, you see, this is a big difference. You need to learn how to enjoy the process of losing weight, and not work for the result – and in any other way it is impossible.

Why should I torture myself with diets and exhaust myself with exercise equipment, if I have a happy husband and lovely children who love me and such? Indeed, if the neighbors do not require you to change, then to embark on the path to harmony oh is not easy. But still it’s possible!

  1. Charge your body with energy from the very morning. If you take a contrast shower and part of the road to work will walk, and not pass on the minibus, a change in mood and health will not be long in coming
  2. Switch from performing a difficult task to others. Have we firmly decided at all costs to press the press 50 times, but after the third fuse has died away? Try to distract yourself and read an interesting article about the benefits of fresh vegetables – the main thing is to start!
  3. If you do not want to do something, clean up the workplace. Even so, without special efforts you will move in the right direction.
  4. Motivation is power. Sometimes bought on two sizes less than a dress of the right style and color can create a miracle!
  5. If the process of losing weight seems to you just an unbearable task, from which your hands fall, try to break the process into parts. For example, set a goal every day to read on the article on proper nutrition and cook one dish on a recipe taken from your favorite forum). Or take yourself for the rule once a hour to do a little workout for the back, arms and legs, if you sit for a long time at the computer.
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